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customers to take action, spread the word & expand your brand

Kiaora Chelsie Maui Hui Malama

Video Production

Nothing communicates your message like video. Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster the non-video users. Video allows you to illustrate your brand in active, effective ways, expressing your story the way you want to.

MVM Connect

Public Relations

With 20+ years in the news industry and contacts throughout Hawai’i and the mainland, we understand WHAT spurs media to cover a story, HOW best to express the message and even WHEN to distribute it.

MVM Compel

Marketing & Branding

What does your brand communicate? Who does it attract? How can it enhance your business? We delve in to deeply understand your professional identity, then create well-defined campaigns to share who you are with Maui and beyond, through written copy, social media, and visual content.

Kiaora with Camera Silhouette

MVM Mission

To enrich, grow & guide Maui brands in all industries, with professionalism, style & Aloha Spirit.